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Varman Aviation has taken up the exclusive marketing and after sales service for the aerobatic trainer aircraft Z 242 L and 4 seater commuter aircraft Z 143 L of Morovan Aeroplanes a.s. Czech Republic. Morovan Aeroplanes is one of the leading manufracturers of Zlin series aircrafts.

Z 242 L

Z 242 L is a two seater side-by-side rugged, all-metal, training and fully aerobatic aircraft, powered by Textron Lycoming AEIO-360A 1B6 Engine (200hp) with either MT/Hartzel Propeller and has a range of 267NM ( 495 Kms). This aircraft is certifed according to FAR 23 standards cleared for IFR & VFR operations and has the approval of both FAA and European countries and is being operated in more than 11 countries in the world.

Z 143 L

Z 143 L is a 4 seater rugged, all metal, training, or commuter aircraft certified according to FAR 23 standards and cleared for both VFR and IFR operations and is powered by Lycoming O - 540 - J3A5 ( 235 hp ) and fitted with MT Propeller / Hartzell Propeller and has a range of 730 NM ( 1336 kms ) . This has the approval of FAA and other European countries.

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