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IS-28M2/GR Glid

IS - 28M2 /GR two seat motor gilder, standard configuration, serial no. 81

Two - Seat side-by-side all metal motor gilder
Suitable for school, training and touring purposes
Utility category aircraft, including :

  ROTAX 912 A3 engine
  HO-V352F-S1 / S1 70FQ Hoffmann variable pitch, “constant speed ” propeller
  Main landing gear damped and semi-retractable and steerable tail wheel
  wheel brake for left pilot
  Safety harnesses
  4 flaps positions control
  elevator connection- automatic type
  external paint, as per BUYER’s choice
  rubber pedals
  Standard panel instrument : Oil temperature indicator, oil pressure gauge, engine r.p.m. indicator, cylinder head temperature indicator, air-speed indicator, altimeter, variometer, compass, voltammeter.
  Batch 1/1

Type Certificates : Romanian and German (LBA) , as per JAR- 22
  Var.Pitch Propeller   HO n-V352F - SI/S170FQ
  Power Plant   ROTAX 912A3
  Max.Continuous Power   81 HP
  Climbing Speed at Sea Level   3.2 m/s
  Max.Cruising Speed (at 1,000 m )   200Km/ h
  Economical Cruising Speed ( at 1,000m)   155 km/ h
  Take -Off Distance (15 m obstacle, grassy ground, at 560 m )   490 m
  Service Ceilling   6,200 m
  Never Exceed Speed   220 km/ h
  Sink Speed at 80 km/ h   1/15m/ s
  Range (no fuel reserve)   700 Km
  Load Factors   +5.3g; -2.65g
  Fuel Tank Capacity   551

  Span 17 m
      Length 7.7 m
      Height 2.15 m
      Lifting Surface 18.24 sqm
      Empty Weight 580 kg
      Maximum Weight 780 kg



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