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Z 143 L is a 4 seater rugged, all metal, training, or commuter aircraft certified according to FAR 23 standards and cleared for both VFR and IFR operations and is powered by Lycoming O - 540 - J3A5 ( 235 hp ) and fitted with MT Propeller / Hartzell Propeller and has a range of 730 NM ( 1336 kms ) . This has the approval of FAA and other European countries.

The ZLIN Z 143 L is a rugged, all-metal training aircraft certified according to FAR 23 standarts. Designed for flight load factors of + 4,5g to - 1,7g, the ZLIN Z 143 L is suited for a variety of training and utility applications.

ZLIN Z 143 L is being built and supported by one of the largest and most renowned sport aviation and training aircraft manufacturers in the world .

MORAVAN - AEROPLANES, Inc . has produced over 50 versions of ZLIN aircraft since its beginnings in 1934 as a subsidiary of the Bata shoe company. Upon closer inspection of these Czech built aircraft one can notice the pride and experience of the factory in quality of workmanship and integrity of construction.

The ZLIN Z 143 L boasts a 44’ wide spacious and airy cockpit making even the largest pilots feel comfortable. The sliding bubble canopy provides exceptional visibility leaving pilots and passengers at ease allowing them fully enjoy and experience the wonders of flight.

Simple, dependable and powerful Lycoming O-540-J345 engine provides power, reliability and economical performance for even the most demanding applications. This 235 hp engine offers the highest reliability and has accumulated millions of hours of dependable service up to date .

The ZLIN Z 143 L can be equipped with a wide variety of instruments and avionics making is suitable for day and night, VFR and IFR operations . ZLIN Z 143 L ‘ s inherent stability makes it very suitable for IFR training.

Fully mass balanced controls give the ZLIN Z 143 L most delightful, light, crips and responsive handling qualities in comparsion with any other aircraft in the same class. This is also the reason why Z 143 L is so popular in many air-schools and also among most demanding military pilots.

The aircraft has been engineered to be maintained easily and inexpensively. All inspection panels and cowlings have quick release Dzus fasteners, wing inspection panels can be opened with just one finger. The instrument and avionics panels remove quickly from their mounts providing easy access for installations and repair. Many other ergonomic design features are incorporated in the ZLIN Z 143 L making it the easiest aircraft in its class to maintain.

The ZLIN Z 143 L has been designed for the most demanding private, commercial and military requirements. The aircraft is so versatile and performs in a variety of roles that it creates many new profit centers and spreads benifits throughout an operation.

The Z 143 L is primary and advanced trainer, business and tourist, observation and patrolling, banner and glider towing airplane. Those programs are designed to bring the general public to aviation and provide operations with an increase in cash flow, and an effective promotional tool.

As a personal airplane the ZLIN Z 143 L will prove to be the most delightful and fun aircraft you have ever owned .

We guarantee it ………………………………

Empty Weight 850 kg 1874 Ib 850 kg 1874 Ib
Cross weight
1350 kg 2976 Ib 1080 kg 2381 Ib
Load factors
+3,8 ; -1,52 g
+4, 4 ; -1,76 g
Take off run
170m 558ft 295 m 968 ft
Take -off distance to 15m (50 ft) 640 m 2100 ft 450 m 1477 ft
Climbing rate
4,9 m/s 964 ft / min 7,4 m/s 1457 ft / min
Max. speed ( 0 m, ISA)
262 km / h 141 kt 267 km / h 144 kt
Cruising speed (75 % MC, H = 2000 m )
232 km / h 125 kt 235 km / h 127 kt
Fuel tank capacity

Main tanks

Auxiliary tanks

2x 60 Litres

2x55 Litres

2 x 16 US gal .

2 x 14,5 US gal
2x 60 Litres

2 x 16 US gal .

1336 km 721 NM 570 km 308 NM


A trade mark of excellence.....

wing span 10,14 m 33,25 ft
length 7,58 m 24,86 ft
height 2,91 m 9,55 ft

Manufacturer MT PROPELLER, Germany
Type MTV-9-B/195-45 (3-blade)
Manufacturer TEXTRON Lycoming, USA
Type 0-540-J3A5
  Power Rpm
Max.continuous 235hp 2400 rpm
Max.cruising 175 hp 2200 rpm
Economy cruising 140 hp 2000 rpm


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