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VAP has come up with various innovations and developments to communicate faster and serve customers better. We are on the Internet with our own website to provide instant information on our stock availability. VAP is fully equipped with state-of-the art storage facility to supply excellent quality products to our valued customers.

Inventory management in any industry requires tremendous efforts. In the case of aviation industry / airline operation it is all the more difficult, since the inventories in India are imported. VAP shares customers responsibility in the field of PPC and helps:

Reduce inventory holdings
Reduce inventory investments
Reduce stock-out situations
Reduce AOG
Reduce space and manpower requirements

VAP also exports spares to the neightboring countries and maintains a large inventory of spares. VAP is well experienced in sourcing and supplying specific material / spare parts for Aircraft /Aero Engines for Kingair C-90-B-200, Avro-HS - 748, Cessna, Islander, Twin Otter, Beach & Dolphin Helicopter or any other aircraft / Engine at short notice and at most reasonable price.

VAP also provides Rotables on exchange basis.

VAP can meet requirements of Ground Handling

Supply of Consumables :

VAP stocks large quantities of adhesives, Aerospace Sealants, Chemical Oils under proper in safe atmospheric condition in the cold storage with humidity and temprature control.

VAP are the sole distributors of Avi Oil I dia Ltd., (a joint venture of Indian Oil, Nyco-France)for South India.


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