Piston Engine Overhaul

VAPL is equipped to service Piston Engines of aircrafts such as Cessna, Islander, Beech-Bonanza, HPT32, P68C and small aircrafts used by Flying clubs. The facility is capable of overhauling and testing both Lycoming and Teledyne Continental Engines upto 300 HP.

VAPL also offers overhauled Engines along with accessories on exchange basis which helps to cut down the grounding time of the aircraft by 3-4 weeks. It also brings down cost which was being incurred by way of freight for transportation of the engines abroad for overhauling.







VAPL offers the cheapest and fastest turnaround in engine repairs and overhauls. From engine shockload to a full engine overhaul we are able to ensure rapid turnaround, outstanding quality of work and the most competitive pricing in India. Be it a Textron Lycoming or Teledyne Continental or Rotax engine, we are able to offer the best quality at the competitive pricing, by the virtue of workmanship and inventory planning.


Cut Down on Grounding Time


Reduced Logistic Cost


Lower TOT

The infrastructure includes technically modern Test Bed with Dynamometer Test Facility. The test benches for other engine accessories like Injector, Carburetors, Alternators, Starters and Magneto are specially designed and manufactured. VAPL has acquired the latest technically updated Test Bed and adopted modern technique of testing the engine with a pre-calibrated dynamometer. Test run of Engines ensures correct piston ring seating and measures and records engine torque & horse power Output.

Engines receive an average of 2 hours test run to achieve proper cylinder compression and complete operational information on performance prior to return to service.

State of The Art Piston Engine Test Bed with Schenck Dynamometer

Piston Engine Shop

Piston Engine Assembly

Medallion Test Rig

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